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Mutamuliza Annociata, popularly known as Kamaliza from a song of the same name, was a prolific artist, a tall and curly girl with short hair. This Kamaliza used to wear pants.
Jobs such as building schools, collecting support from those fighting for the liberation of Rwanda, joining the army itself and others, were usually considered men's jobs Mutamuliza Annonciata was characterized by. He had the rank of Sergeant in the APR Army. Kamaliza was like boys. He saw the sun on March 25, 1954, born to Rusingizandekwe Leandre and Mukarusema Berenadeta. He was born on Rukara hill in Runyinya, in Nyaruguru region.
On that date of Kamaliza's birthday, the Catholic Church celebrated the announcement of the Virgin Mary that she was going to give birth to a savior, which is also related to her baptismal name of "Annonciata". In a family of 13 children, four passed away without names leaving nine, Mutamulisa was the youngest of them all. He was also born into a family of poets called Ashambho.

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