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Ben Ngabo Kipeti

Ben Ngabo

Ben Ngabo, known as Kipeti and considered one of the balancers in the development of Inganzo, was born in Gahini in 1963.
He is considered one of the greatest musicians in Nyarwanda due to his skillful writing, singing and playing.
Ben Ngabo has been in bands such as Melodica Band i Butare, Orchester Nyampinga, Malaika (circa 1980s) Inono Stars and Ingeli.
He became famous for songs such as "Ingendo y'abeza", "Ryangombe", "Nyirabisabo", "Umugenzi" and "Grandfather" which are in Kinyarwanda style and accompanied by guitar.
Kuri teaches music at Nyundo music school where he shares knowledge and Rwandan traditions with students.

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